Know Before You Go!

How to prepare for your appointment, follow proper aftercare, and the answers to your FAQs!

Pre - Whitening


  • Plan on 90 minutes for your appointment.
  • Eat a meal beforehand! You will have to wait 2 hours after your appointment to eat.
  • Be mindful of staying hydrated during the 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Bring headphones, a phone, or other forms of entertainment for your session!
  • You will be lying down for the duration of the appointment, so you are welcome to kick your feet up, rest your eyes, and relax!


  • Brush or floss your gums for 4 hours before your appointment.

* Irritation and sensitivity of the gums is more prevalent in clients who brush shortly before.

Post - Whitening


  • Abstain from eating for 2 hours.
  • Keep hydrated to avoid sensitivity.

* During this treatment, we are opening the pores of the teeth to whiten into the dentin layer. It will take the pores 24 hours to return to normal. During this period, you may continue to whiten an additional 1-2 shades!


  • Eat dark colored foods or drink dark colored liquids.
  • Use charcoal or colored toothpaste for 24 hours.

* Remember: If it will stain a white shirt, it will stain your teeth!

Safe Foods After Whitening: "The White Diet"

Don't want to stain your new, pearly whites? Follow "The White Diet" for 24 hours after your professional teeth whitening treament!

To keep your smile at its brightest all year round, use our at-home whitening products to constantly whiten and lift surface stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

How white will my teeth get and how long will it last?

With our whitening solution, you can expect to brighten 4-14 shades! Results can last up to 6-12 months depending on your diet and lifestyle. However, clients are welcome to come in for a touch up as soon as 3 months after their first visit!

When can I expect to see results?

Your results are immediate and your teeth can even continue to whiten 1-2 shades during the 24 hours after your treatment!

How long does the process take?

The process takes a total of 90 minutes. This includes your complimentary remineralizing and desensitizing session, Vitamin E application, and whitening treatment.

Will it hurt? Will my teeth be sensitive afterwards?

Our products are plant and mineral based as well as food grade, so they are made for your body and are gentle on the teeth. We offer a complimentary remineralizing and desensitizing session prior to whitening to temporarily block your nerve endings and help you feel more comfortable! Our clients experience no or little to no sensitivity! *Staying hydrated the 24 hours before and after your appointment will make a great difference too!*

Is this treatment safe?

Yes! We take pride in offering whitening gels that are natural, dental grade, and vegan. We do not use any harsh chemicals or preservatives. It is a dental grade hydrogen peroxide base with plants and minerals! It is effective and gentle, which is why our clients experience beautiful results without sensitivity. You may also take advantage of our remineralizing and desensitizing treatment that provides enamel building qualities!

Will I need multiple treatments?

In one visit, we complete 3, 20-minute whitening rounds to lift a lifetime of stains and bring your teeth to the whitest they can naturally go! We recommend being professionally treated 1-2 times a year. However, clients are welcome to come back for a touch up as soon as 3 months after their first visit!

Is this treatment safe while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We are happy to say, yes! Our plant and mineral based gel is food grade, so it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women! We work with new and expecting mothers on a regular basis. However, if you have any concerns, you are welcome to consult with your doctor.

Will this create white spots on my teeth?

The treatment itself cannot create any new white spots on your teeth. However, existing white spots may appear more prevalent for the first 24 hours after your appointment. These spots are generally where the enamel is weaker.

Can you whiten dental work?

Because dental work is made of inorganic material, it will not respond to the treatment the same as your natural teeth will. However, we can whiten all surface stains from the dental work to return it to the shade it was when the dentist first put it in. We have had great success with clients whose dental work is over 2 years old!

Should I schedule my teeth cleaning or teeth whitening appointment first?

If you are due for your 6 month cleaning with your dentist, we recommend you schedule that appointment before your teeth whitening appointment! Please allow 48 hours before coming in for your professional whitening treatment to avoid increased sensitivity.

Should I get my dental work done before or after whitening?

If you are having any kinda of cosmetic dental work done, we encourage you to get your teeth whitened beforehand! This will allow your dentist to color match your new crown, veneer, implant, or composite bonding to your white smile!

Are there any age restrictions?

We can treat clients 12 and older!